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Aug. 15th, 2008

Rogue Toaster Productions

Every fake Flash animation production company needs a logo. Here's ours!


Jun. 4th, 2008

Script, Episode 2

In the second installment of Buckets of Rust, the stranded Brig encounters a Runner team in the wide deserts of planet Farl. Whether this meeting is fortuitous or absolutely disastrous is a difficult call for the hapless human- the strangers can't seem to decide whether they want to rescue, kill, or commit him. Will Brig escape certain-maybe-sorta death? Kinda. Sure.

The characters in this episode are:

Read the script for episode 2 here.

Jun. 1st, 2008

The Great Voice Actor Search of Awesomitude

The fact that I'm female when many of my characters are male is sort of moot point, since I have all the acting talent of a water-logged sofa even when I get to voice a girl. That's where you come in! If you're interested in doing some voices, I've provided some example lines in this post, though you are more than welcome to ad-lib, if you feel you're familiar with the character. You can link to your clips in your reply, or e-mail them to me at dust_entropy@yahoo.com. Note: as a college student, my funds are severely limited. I would probably only be able to pay you in virtual pastries with gratitude-flavored filling. o 3o


Early thirties
American accent
Wide range of pitches

1. (gloating) "Haha! Once again the wily and ruggedly handsome Captain Brig is victoriouAAIEEAGH!"
2. "Just s-stay there, okay? I will fucking kill you with this- (he realizes the weapon he's holding is a shoe)- with this boot. This laser-guided boot! (rapidly losing hope) It's highly explosive... government footwear..."
3. (speaking to OTTO dismissively) "Shut up. We're not gonna die. I'M going to die. YOU'RE going to cease functioning."

Navigational Computer
Pessimistic, rarely excited
Matter-of-fact, often in an almost sarcastic manner

1. (muttering) "Shields at 9 percent. Jerk."
2. "It's not that I don't like you; it's just that this room would be prettier if you weren't currently standing in it."
3. "Sometimes, I wish I had been programmed as a vending machine. The worst case scenario in that situation is that someone doesn't get correct change. (heavy, wistful sigh) Incidentally, you've fed me corrupt data for this solar system, and we're about to fly into the sun."

Gnnra (four-legged alien)
voice is bland, even when he's threatening someone
Spaghetti western-ish feel
Deep, gravely voice

1. "Captain Brig Truant, you are being taken to Fort Byrony for quarantine and further evaluation, whereupon you will be either released, terminated, or most likely committed."
2. "Do me a favor, huh? Don't struggle. It upsets the 3 ton warbot when he has to squish things."

Fervot (feline alien)
unbalanced and volatile (in a gleeful way)
diabolical cackle
does not have a particularly high voice

1. (offended) "I'm sorry, but how is it MY fault that his species can't live without a head?"
2. [demonstrate your evil laugh. Imagine that Brig has just asked you what you plan to do with the 5 pounds of C-4 you're carrying]
3. (almost intrigued, without rancor) "Goddamn, that is one ugly mother-fucker."

openly cheerful when happy
often worried for the well-being of the tragically fragile biological organisms :'<
voice is not as low as you'd expect

1. (concerned) "Gracious! Shouldn't be do something?"
2. "I cannot, in good conscience, allow you to pick that innocent daisy. What kind of monster are you?"
3. (in consternation, because Archer has just loaded her sniper rifle) "Archer, Flint authorized TRANQUILIZERS!"

Apr. 12th, 2008

Posted Script

A rough draft of the script of the first episode has been added to Celtx Project Central. You're free to mosey on over and give it a once-over, if you are so inclined. Only two of the main characters are introduced, but it sets up the whole situation, 'n everythang. There are also notes included, if you're interested in learning more about the locations, characters, or cultures that will be present in the series.

Yay for feedback. Talk to me, people! :D

Apr. 11th, 2008

These are not good for your garden

A possible design for the wurms that inhabit an obscure solar system called Ravies. Why is it spelled w-u-r-m? Because it's the f-y-o-o-t-u-r. Now, stop asking stupid questions.

Given enough time, these creatures can reach huge dimensions- larger than some spaceships. However, not much is known about their lifecycle. The wurms' presence prevents anyone from exiting Ravies once they are foolish or unlucky enough to enter, because once you're in the system, you're less a spaceship and more a tasty, delicious snack. No morsel has ever survived for more than half an hour before being attacked by a wurm. Some people speculate that the creatures possess the ability to jump through space, much as a ship does, though this theory has yet to be verified. Certainly, the wurms must have some advanced method of detecting matter over long distances, for they are able to zero in on asteroids, satellites, and ships with remarkable accuracy.

The only inhabitable planet in the solar system, Farl, is effectively isolated due to the vicious, accurate attacks of the wurms. Some people have escaped being eaten by using the planet's gravitational pull for protection, but it is impossible to accelerate away from Farl quickly enough to avoid a second attack.

Apr. 6th, 2008


Right now, I'm working on designing some of the locations that will be present in the 'toon. Unfortunately, I hate buildings. Buildings should die, and I shouldn't have to draw them.

This one's from Fort Garrous. The things dumped near there come from a civilization that constructs their ships from a combination of mechanical and organic components.

This is a typical Fort Byrony residence. Unlike Fort Hannock, Byrony only has small scraps of metal to work with. Thus, many homes are built almost entirely out of pieces of sheet metal, 'n stuff.

Mar. 2nd, 2008


Zomg, the blog is being updated.  Somebody check to make sure that this doesn't herald the end of days, or something.  Because I'm pretty sure it might... >__>

The whole East of West project was super rushed, due to the rapidly approaching deadline imposed by my Writing for Digital Media teacher.  Now that the crappyily-drawn animatic is turned in and I'm free to work at my own pace, I've decided to go back and do some major re-tooling.  More thought needs to be put into the characters designs, environmental designs, script, direction, and... everything.  I totally lied when I said it was in production phase.  Haha.  Fooled you. :)

Out of all the changes being made, the tone is probably the biggest.  It started out like a typical webtoon- distinct characters, lots and jokes, but no persistant plot.  Seein' as how jokes are not my strong point, and plot IS... Wellthar!  The cartoon is still very light-hearted, but it's got more substance to it, now.

Currently working on: script, character design, character background

whut colorz?

Archer is putting Brig down.  It was drawn in a bound sketchbook, so Brig didn't scan very well. :( Thus, he is not shown.

  Possible colors for Flint (used to be "Ro").  I think he looks like a loveable, carniverous llama.

Dec. 9th, 2007

Current Project

East of West
When a human xenobiologist by the name of Brig crash lands on an unfamiliar planet, he finds himself to be beset on all sides by danger.  Unfortunately, the three natives he befriends there are no help at all, since they are magnets for misfortune, themselves.   A four-legged bounty hunter, a feline weapons expert, and a malfunctioning robot are the only ones willing to help Brig - though by "help," he's pretty sure they mean "accidentally blow up and/or maim as a result of an unforeseen complications."  Oh well... When your ship is a pile of twisted scrap and you're surrounded by desert, you can't afford to be picky about your friends.

Progress: blah

Early Concept Sketches
Yark and his unwilling owner, Pete
  Pete and Yark
Ro, the bounty hunter
Don't ask me what's going on here.  I just draw them.